21 May 2024

Luleå is growing!

We welcome Martin Palo and Zebastian Lindbäck to the Luleå office. Together with Robert Eklund, Martin Nordlander, Markus Wallström, Jonathan Pieti, Jan Jatko and Jörgen Karlsson, we are at Storgatan 24. Welcome to visit!
21 May 2024

More staff PL/HVAC Gävle!

This week we welcome Jesper Eriksson to our office in Gävle, by that, we are now five plumbing/HVAC consultants who assist our dear customers with the best solutions!
10 May 2024
WELS opens another new office!
This week Emelie Hällberg and Patrik Rönnmark joined us.
They will build up our business in the gold city Skellefteå. ​​​​​​​​​
06 May 2024
Uppsala is growing!
Warm welcome! We say to Mattias Le Moine who today had his first day at our Uppsala office in Forumkvarteret. Please visit us and say hello.
03 May 2024
Continued growth in Luleå!
Yesterday, Markus Wallström and Martin Nordlander started at El/tele and Jonathan Pieti at Mechanical. Warm welcome!
24 April 2024
This week, Jan Jatko and Jörgen Karlsson started at our office in Luleå. Both are experienced project managers in HVAC and plumbing. Welcome!
You can find our WELS office in Luleå at the address Storgatan 24 1tr.
15 April 2024
Today we welcome Tommy Fredriksson to our group in Gävle! Tommy will be Project manager in civil. Welcome!
Have you missed where our office is located? You can find us at Teknikparken, Nobelvägen 2, Gävle. 
3 April 2024
Yesterday we welcomed Fredy Arteaga and Niklas Blomster as our first employees in Uppsala.
If you want to visit us, we are located at Forumkvarteret, 1tr, Dragarbrunnsgatan 45, where we sit great together with several business colleagues!​​​​​​​
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15 Mars 2024
We have now opened our office in Gävle, where you will find Jonas Larsson, Anna Ross, Per Skagerstam, Johannes Sörvåg and Fredrik Vågebrant.
Welcome to visit us at Teknikparken, Nobelvägen 2.
26 feb 2024

Today we welcome Adam Westman and Thomas Johansson, who enter their first day at WELS.

Together with Philip Horvath, they form a strong trio of electrical consultants in Västerås. You will find them on B26.
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12 feb 2024

WELS is now establishing in Västerås!

From 26 February you will find WELS at B26 in Västerås, welcome to visit us! Port-anders gata 9, 722 12 Västerås.
8 feb 2024

Our first employee in Västerås on site!

We are so happy to be able to tell you that we now have our first employee in Västerås on site, Welcome Philip Horvath! Philip will be joined by four additional employees shortly, we will return with more information about this.